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The rain is thriving and thriving

  Date:2021-04-21 14:17:32     Browse:198

Valley Rain | on the early 9th day of March

When the last fragrance of late spring,

Follow the spring breeze, rain potential to grow freely,

At the turn of spring and summer, Valley Rain arrives,

Everything carries the rain and rain, thriving,

Jin Mingfeng Group also holds its dreams forward in time.

Valley rain, the valley out of the rain is born also

"Huainan Zi" records: Cangjie made characters,

Ghost and gods cry, the Jade Emperor commendation,

Give the world a millet rain, this is the origin of the "valley rain".

Rain "meet", "valley rain".

Grain rain, is a good time full of vitality.

Leaves bloom a new layer of green,

The wind is filled with the prosperity of everything.

The droplets, lurking in the clouds,

Falling in the mountains and rivers, lakes and rivers,

It has aroused countless abundant nourishment and the imagination of life.

Zhenggu rain, peony period

"Gu Yu three times to see the peony".

Gu Yu and peony flowers always meet,

From moistening things silently to dyed green painting,

The grand finale of the scene.

The spring scenery, with it.

"Only the peony can be called the real national flower, for it causes a great stir in the whole capital when it blooms".

With the clear through of valley rain, sucking the sweet of valley rain,

Peony opened in the most beautiful time in April.

Her plump flower posture, rich flower appearance, fragrant flowers,

Full bloom of wealth, in full bloom of peace.

When valley is clear, spring is right

Gu Yu is the farewell of spring, but also the early summer experience.

It carries a sunny belief,

Stick on countless days and nights.

The earth is green, all things grow,

The beauty of Gu Yu, lies in the wanton vitality and vitality,

It also lies in the expectation and desire for the harvest.

Long and cultivation, just to rich.

All the way, time is different, spring is like gold,

Take advantage of the valley rain good spread, take the spring breeze fast start,

No pains, no gain,

The sweat of the efforts will eventually irrigate the dream flowers.

Looking forward to the sun in the end of the late spring,

And look forward to harvest in the bloom.

Grass and grass vine hair, spring mountain is expected.

Valley leaves sprout thrive, born to the rain.