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The 2021 Annual Working Conference was successfully held

  Date:2021-04-21 15:03:33     Browse:411

2020 is an extremely difficult year for every individual.Affected by the epidemic, the international environment is complex, the economic growth continues to slow down, and the pressure from all walks of life increases.. In the face of such adversity, Jin Jinfeng Group works together and forge ahead.On January 23, Jinfeng Group held the 2020 year-end summary and 2021 annual strategic Planning Conference.Mr.Huang Wenbin, Chairman of the Group, and the heads of each section attended the meeting together.

At the meeting, Chairman Huang Wenbin took the "praise growth, building value together" as the theme, summed up the past and looked forward to the future.And combined with the actual situation of the Group, we made a detailed work report from the strategic formulation, organizational structure, business objectives and other aspects, and clarified the goals and ideas for the work in 2021.

Strategy is the locomotive of business operation, and a clear strategy can ensure that we have a common direction.In 2021, we made in-depth plans for brand efficiency improvement and precise positioning, form a new development pattern of mutual promotion of multiple industries, and accelerate the transformation and development of enterprises.

Since 2021, Jinfeng Group will be committed to building the brand symbol and enterprise value of the precious metal comprehensive service provider of Jinfeng Group through Jin Mingfeng Jewelry, point gold precious metals and Fenghua new materials as the specific business support.

With the strategic upgrading of Jinfeng Group, the organization, talent, mechanism and culture have been further optimized.Jinfeng Group has formed a 163 organizational structure and strengthened the linkage of the ecological industrial chain.Accelerate the training and rapid growth of endogenous talents in the territory, through new and integration, set up performance, dividends, improve the whole short, medium and long-term incentive system, encourage everyone to grasp the good opportunity of the company development, work steadfastly, strive to forge ahead, and realize the self-life value.Chairman Huang Wenbin decomposed the enterprise strategic objectives for the three sectors, and summed up the key matters of the company in 2021.He pointed out that all the company should take cooperation as the cornerstone, efficient response as the link, pioneering and enterprising as the goal, hand in hand to the new development goals and constantly surpass and strive.

As the foundation of group development, Jinfeng Jewelry strategically layout financial products, strengthens the financial and trade industry layout; as the accelerator of group development, seize the advantages of omni-channel precious metals, consolidate globalization strategy and enhance globalization operation capacity; and Fenghua new materials, as the breakthrough of group development, should further promote the strategic objectives and integrate knowledge and action.

Finally, the participants wrote down the goals they wanted to achieve in 2021, sealed into the envelope, next year will be come out to "test" whether they were satisfied with the year.

Looking back, although the road is difficult, the line will come; although it is difficult, it will be done.It is because of this persistent belief that Jinfeng Group can keep working in the industry. Looking forward to the future, Jinfeng Group will continue to open its territory, set sail by the wind, and continue to write a magnificent chapter that belongs to Jinfeng Group.